Custom iRacing Wrap Design Services

Looking for a custom wrap for iRacing? Work with to create stunning exclusive designs for your cars.

How does it work?

We will work one on one with our customers to come up with the unique design using industry leading software to create HIGH QUALITY graphics with unique finishes, shapes, etc.

When you first contact us, we will send you some questions regarding the wrap design via a questionnaire. Once you have filled out that questionnaire we will invite you to our Discord group and create a customer channel in which we will use this to communicate during the design process as well and stay in contact following the project delivery.

How much do services cost?

Since there is a very wide range of options in terms of cars, finish types, design complexity, etc we can't give a price for custom graphic design services until we talk.

How does pricing work?

First car design starts at $25.00. Subsequent cars with same design elements start at $15.00.
So, for example you want a NextGen ($25) and an XFinity ($15) Truck ($15) Gen4 ($15) etc. So as stated the first is $25 and all others are $15 so long as the design is basically the same.

**This is not a quote. This is intended to be used for base pricing reference. Some cars take additional time and effort to create high quality and exclusive designs.**

Ready to get the process started?

iRacing NASCAR Truck Series (CLASS-C)


iRacing NASCAR Cup Series NextGen / Gen7 (CLASS-A)

iRacing NASCAR Cup Series Gen6 (CLASS-A)

iRacing NASCAR Cup Series Gen4 (CLASS-A)

iRacing NASCAR Cup Series Legends / 87s (CLASS-A)